40% of Marketers Plan QR Code/Mobile Campaigns in Next Year

Posted by on June 17, 2011

If you were at #RLTM Realtime NY 11 last week, you may have participated in a The Halo Group’s “Realtime Marketing Reality Check” survey.  The survey focuses on how rapidly companies are adopting emerging technologies.  The survey itself was conducted via an emerging technology, with #RLTM attendees snapping a QR code to participate. 40% of respondents say they plan to create marketing campaigns around QR codes, shortcodes or other forms of mobile marketing.

The reality check?  During the conference, PepsiCo Head of Digital Shiv Singh of PepsiCo Beverages called for companies to allocate 50% of their marketing budgets to realtime marketing efforts.   But most of the survey respondents reported that their organizations currently allocate less than a quarter of their budget to realtime, social media or mobile marketing efforts.

“It’s no surprise that brands are increasingly utilizing emerging technology in their marketing strategies.  However it is interesting how organizations continue to oppose allotting a bigger budget for realtime marketing,” said Linda Passante, CEO/Co-Founder, The Halo Group, a New York-based branding and marketing communications agency, which was also a sponsor of the conference.

The survey identified four key areas of focus for marketers to effectively implement realtime marketing: culture, training, technology and budget. The key findings for each area:

  • 1 out 4 respondents described receptivity to innovation in their company as only “baby steps permitted”
  • Only 14% of those who answered had a highly developed training program for staff that manages their brands’ presence in social media
  • Only 25% of survey-takers have a completely mobile-friendly website
  • 71% of respondents allocate less than 25% of their budget to realtime marketing efforts

In terms of what’s next, survey participants have big plans for using realtime tools to market their brand in the next year.  41% plan to send promotional efforts via social media, 40% plan to use QR codes or other forms of mobile marketing technologies, 39% are planning on realtime customer interactions or customer service.

And there’s relatively little to get in the way of those plans.

Asked about the biggest barriers to getting buy-ins, 22% cited Finance.  But 20% said there were none.

For a copy of the full report, please visit The Realtime Report.

**This post originially appeared on The Realtime Report, June 10, 2011**