Good Advice on The Essentials of Content Generation

Posted by on November 1, 2011

Our colleagues at PRNewswire (PRN) held an instructive webcast last week focused on the “Content Generation” for marketing and communications professionals.  Douglas Karr (@douglaskarr) CEO of DK New Media and John O’Connell, senior public relations manager for HTNB shared their best practices for developing and generating content.  It was an excellent reminder of the essentials of creating value-added content that delivers value to your audience, prospects or whoever you are trying to engage. 

Take a look at the PRN summary of their advice and some good examples, and there is also a link to the webcast if you want to dive deeper.   Some of their tips include:

  • “Salesy” stuff on the back burner; content should primarily be about what you know vs what you sell
  • Deliver informational content in multiple formats
  • Interactive content has the highest level of engagement
  • Make your content discoverable
  • Re-purpose and re-package content – don’t always have to create new content

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