Best Practices Series: Beyond The White Paper

Posted by on July 5, 2012

Creating Content That Delivers Results: How To Present Professional Information That Transforms IT Prospects To IT Customers

How do you reach out and grab your prospects attention? And how do you hold their attention from their first tentative inquiries all the way through their ultimate buying decision?

In this white paper, Elliot Kass, UBM TechWeb’s Vice President of Content Marketing, outlines three steps for executing a content marketing strategy that can successfully convert nonchalant prospects into committed customers, including:

  1. Planning your content around customers’ needs
  2. Planning a content marketing plan that efficiently moves your target audience from one buyer readiness stage to the next
  3. Choosing the right medium for your message

Download the white paper today, and start transforming IT prospects to IT customers.

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About The Author: Elliot Kass

Elliot has been a leader in high-tech journalism and marketing for more than 20 years. A founding editor of InformationWeek, he’s held senior marketing positions at IBM and Computer Associates.  Responsible for UBM TechWeb’s client-driven content development, Elliot works with hundreds of clients across the high-tech spectrum to craft messages and deliver information for diverse audiences of technology and business professionals.