Light Reading’s New 2012/2013 Telecom Salary Report

Posted on November 16, 2012 | 1 comment

Most telecom professionals expect their salaries to either stay the same or grow slightly in 2013, according to Light Reading’s latest worldwide salary survey. We surveyed 1,463 people working in the telecom business at the end of the summer (from July 27 to Sept. 7) and found that only about 5 percent of those surveyed were looking forward to bad news — a pay cut of 10 percent or more.

In this new report, we break down our survey takers by salary, age, and years of experience, while offering some geographical slices of our questions around pay and conditions. We also, as always, are keen to lock onto employees’ attitudes toward their employers and to note how technical advances have changed recruiting trends among the biggest telecom firms. Do most employees in telecom hate their bosses? Do 4G technologies really create jobs?

Download the report to find out more.

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