Enable Lead Scoring With Marketing Automation

Posted by on December 5, 2012

Uncover the value of a lead scoring program and see how you can build a program that works for your organization.

Lead scoring is intrinsic to most Marketing Automation Software tools and is icing on the cake for data-driven communications.  Lead scoring programs take the guesswork out of the business of marketing by systemically uncovering who is most active and most importantly who is ready for sales.

Through digital intelligence, lead scoring enables us to quantify where are target audience is in the buying process and what their needs are. The net result is a faster and more effective sales process.  This can apply to marketing and engaging readers and attendees and driving leads for your sales team.  All can add up to game changing results and new revenue opportunities.

In this presentation, you will learn…

  • Business Value of Lead
  • Dimensions of a Lead Scoring Model
  • How to build a Lead Scoring Program that works for you

For full access to the presentation, members can download now:

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