Marketing Chat: David Gee, CMO Infoblox

Posted by on December 21, 2012

David Gee, CMO, Infoblox

David Gee is the CMO of Infoblox, an automated network solutions company that recently went public. He is responsible for managing Corporate and Product Marketing functions, including marcom, branding, demand generation and press relations. Previously, he held senior marketing positions at HP, Yahoo!, Sun, and IBM.

UBM Tech CMO Scott Vaughan caught up with David Gee to get his marketing insights into how he makes network infrastructure sexy, what it takes to be a successful tech marketer in this digital age, and how to build a “Cheers”-like community with your customers (where everyone knows your name). David also shares the importance of “trendjacking” – turning trends into a competitive advantage. As we head into the new year, we hope you’ll pick up some helpful hints from David on how to better engage your target audience.

 Making IT Infrastructure Marketing Sexy

UBM Tech CMO Scott Vaughan and David Gee, CMO of Infoblox stress “the first order of business is to understand the altitude of your customer.”

Marketing in 2013 – Essential Elements & The Art of “Trendjacking”

David Gee, CMO of Infoblox chats with UBM Tech CMO, Scott Vaughan, on the marketing essentials and how to turn trends into your friends.

Building A World Class Marketing Organization

David Gee talks about the importance of building a “Cheers” community and customer model…where everyone knows your name.