’s 2012 Top 20 Posts

Posted by on January 3, 2013

As we kickoff 2013, I thought it would be timely to roundup a list of the hottest topics read and downloaded by your fellow readers. At, our mission is to bring you the latest technology marketing best practices and research … so, how are we doing? Are we fulfilling that mission when we bring you our Tech Marketing Smarts blogs, IT industry and marketing research, CMO/Marketer Spotlights, and weekly and monthly newsletters throughout the year? We’d love to get your feedback so, feel free to drop us a line or post a comment. Thank you to all our subscribers.

Here are the hottest CreateYourNextCustomer posts in 2012 by topic…happy reading!

  1. Research Report: The State of Cloud Computing
  2. Research Brief: What Your Prospects Want And Don’t Want From You
  3. 10 Marketers To Follow Now
  4. The Rise Of Customer Reference Programs
  5. The Ten New Rules Of Public Relations
  6. Best Practices Series: Beyond The White Paper
  7. Slideshow: 10 Pinterest Pointers For Business
  8. Best Practices Series: Email Content And Design
  9. 2012 IT Spending Priorities Report
  10. Infographic: The Top 3 Mistakes of Tech Vendor Content
  11. The 5 Social Media Trends To Watch In 2012
  12. CMO Spotlight: Steve Daheb at Blue Coat
  13. CMO Spotlight: Suaad Sait at Rackspace Hosting
  14. 2012 State of Database Technology Survey: IT Pros Want More From Vendors
  15. Marketer Spotlight: C. Edward Brice, SVP Of Worldwide Marketing, Lumension
  16. 5 Ways To Utilize Instagram For Your Brand  
  17. 2012 Global CIO Report
  18. Welcome To China – The World Tips East Thanks To Technology
  19. Digital Marketing’s Impact on the Customer Engagement Model  
  20. Gen C – Connected & Informed: Are You Ready?