Leveraging Converged Media For Content Marketing

Posted by on January 29, 2013

Last week, the Online Marketing Summit and PR Newswire presented a webinar titled “Leveraging Converged Media’s Impact on Content Marketing.”

At the heart of conversation between presenters Ardath Albee and Sarah Skerik was the importance of coordinating a consistent story across all media channels and creating quality, sustainable content that is straightforward. In other words, it reinforced a common sense approach to marketing that is starting to evolve:  value and relevancy over static and boring.

“Content has to be awesome,” Skerik remarked during the presentation. And she’s right. It’s time to take a pledge to stop distributing bad press releases or “phoning in mundane blog posts” because they do very little to increase brand awareness.

Quality content has staying power and builds loyalty.  It shouldn’t just convert your target audience into a buyer, but also keep them coming back.  Other noteworthy points:

  • Consistent and creative storyline – Anyone can spout facts, tell a story.
  • Logo is less important – Tone, style, quality and relevance have more substance and tell a better story.
  • Channels are digital ambassadors for the brand and should be consistent, utilizing paid, owned and earned media.
  • Communications between brands and audiences is no longer a one way street – successful marketing today is conversational.
  • Creating valuable content will open up an exchange of information between audience and brand.
  • Content has to be awesome.

Did you happen to catch this presentation? If not, you can listen to the archive of the webinar at the following link:  “Leveraging Converged Media’s Impact on Content Marketing.” Or you can read the full summary by PR Newswire.


Originally posted on January 25, by Mary Johnson on Beyond PR.