The Top 9: What Content Is Striking A Chord With Business Tech Buyers?

Posted by on January 30, 2013

We are all learning about the power of smart, high-value content to help our customers and prospects do their job and add value to their research and information needs – aka “Content Marketing.”  With hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of dollars invested in our corporate web sites, and countless hours and resources on content creation, we all want to know  – what’s working?

Coming into the new year, we evaluated the most downloaded assets for 2012 across all of UBM Tech’s business tecnology media sites (example sites include, InformationWeek, Dark Reading and Network Computing).   Here are the Top 9 from UBM Tech’s IT media sites that provide good direction (NOTE: this is real data but not all UBM Tech content is placed on the site for an equal amount of time/impressions).

  1. Research: 2012 IT Salary Survey
  2. Big Data Analytics Guide 2012
  3. Enterprise Buyer’s Guide: Tablets
  4. InformationWeek “Here Comes Windows 8” (September 24th)
  5. Research: 2012 IT Salary Survey, BI/Analytics
  6. Using Google to Find Vulnerabilities In Your IT Environment
  7. Strategy: BI and Analytics in Healthcare
  8. Research: 2012 State of Cloud Computing
  9. How Hadoop Tames Enterprises’ Big Data

So, what did we learn?  A few insights from a UBM Tech marketing team roundtable with our team, after reviewing the data:

  • It’s about your prospect, always (not your product).  Salary Survey was #1.  Do you have enough content focused on the professional/person you are targeting?  A smart top of the funnel tool should underline that you understand your target prospect.
  • Trend is your friend. If you have something new – a new technology or content asset – that is in the “headlines”, integrate this point of view into your message and content. Mobile, Cloud, and Tablets, are all examples.
  • Installed base platform marketing.  A significant number of Enterprises are contemplating and analyzing the move to Windows 8, for example.  Platform-specific info is important. The issues of how-to use, or how your solution works on specific platforms and environments is practical and popular.
  • Cloud and Security are core to every technology project/investment.   The lesson here is to include Cloud and Security point of view in all content.
  • All Analytics, All the Time.  Every business is taking an “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” attitude. Analytics are critical to all technology investments.

You can also check out previous posts on “How to Create Killer Content” for practical gudiance and advice.  Let us know your Top 9 and what is working for your engagement and conversion efforts!