How To Encourage Off-The-Clock Social Ambassadors

Posted by on February 12, 2013

Is asking employees to take on additional responsibilities OK? Can companies really ask their employees to post to Facebook and LinkedIn — without rewarding them with additional compensation?

The short answer is “Yes.”

Without this article devolving into an argument discussing labor-rights and fairness issues, we should recognize that in our “jobless recovery,” companies are doing more with less.

And thanks to social networks and apps on mobile devices, companies are asking or sometimes expecting employees to do marketing — even when out of the office and outside of work hours.

While companies do not anticipate that employees will evaluate budgeting spreadsheets or make sales calls on a weekend, companies do know that their names are often listed on and affiliated with employee bios and social profiles. As such, when an employee tweets or updates his or her Facebook status outside of the office, that company is carrying out marketing activities.

Social media monitoring is a great way to capture such conversations, with feedback into training and compliance. But to make this initiative fully work, a company needs to incorporate employee out-of-office social marketing into its overall social business strategy.

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Full article posted on The BrainYard on February 07, 2013 by Jake Wengroff