CreateYourNextCustomer | IT Marketing World: 2013 Technology Marketing Priorities Report

Posted by on February 19, 2013

The business technology marketing landscape has vastly changed in the past decade as marketing professionals roles evolve at a fast pace. At the end of 2012, UBM Tech’s CreateYourNextCustomer partnered with IT Marketing World to commission the 2013 Technology Marketing Priorities Survey to get some insights from 150+ tech marketers. Here are some highlights:

  • Today’s modern technology marketer performs an average of seven major marketing functions
  • Demand generation and revenue growth are ranked as the biggest priorities for tech marketers in 2013
  • 92% of technology marketers are optimistic about their budgets citing the end of budget cuts, with 35% anticipating bigger budgets this year
  • Only 40% of marketers believe they are “somewhat to very sophisticated” at integrating their marketing campaigns; the average tech marketer described  their level of integrating marketing campaigns at a 6.5 out of 10 rating, using multiple vehicles to leverage their content and messaging — indicating marketers really need to work on leveraging their existing campaign tools to improve response rate and feed the sales funnel

So, how many hats are you wearing? How marketing savvy are you compared to your peers? How well do technology marketers track and report results? Download the 2013 Technology Marketing Priorities report to find out.

Plus, when asked “What traits make a successful modern day marketer?” — a majority of the anecdotal responses fell into four major categories…learn what they are and see if you agree! Download the report now.

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