White Paper: Maximizing Content Marketing – A Six-Step Plan For Agile Engagement

Posted by on February 28, 2013

Communications professionals looking to harness the combined forces of content marketing and social networking – also known as owned and earned media – are in for some good news and some bad news.

The bad news first: The sheer momentum with which the two phenomena are evolving today is swamping many marketing departments. It turns out that generating enough highvalue content in ways that are meaningful to multiple social audiences is a monumental challenge in today’s always-on media world.

The good news? Owned and earned media were born to leverage off one another – and their combined impact often proves to be far greater than the sum of their parts. Successful PR professionals work toward a self-renewing “virtuous cycle” in which owned media is published by a brand, audiences play it forward as earned media, and the amplification continues as these ripples spread throughout the social sphere.  And there’s even more good news: owned media is not limited solely to the videos, white papers, tweets and other content you produce; it also includes the multimedia platforms you’ve creatively designed to host that stream of brand messaging, as well as the communities you’ve built and diligently maintained around your messaging. With these multiple manifestations of owned media comes a greater resulting opportunity for earning media.

Of course, it’s tough to get the virtuous cycle started – but that’s where the combined competencies of marketing and public relations departments become vitally important.

A veteran communications professional shares a six-step process combining marketing and PR techniques – using content marketing and social media to launch a “virtuous cycle” of agile engagement.

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