The Case For Building Distribution Into Content Planning

Posted by on March 5, 2013

As content marketing strategies become more prevalent in company discussions, there still remains an overriding question: What strategies can be used for content creation and management?

A critical component is understanding how the assets can be distributed, and ensuring creation will dovetail nicely. Currently, many companies wait for the end product (i.e. the finalized content), and then devise their distribution strategy. While this can cut down on time up front, it can compromise the quality of the asset distribution. Ideally, the creation strategy and the distribution plan are working in synch. Sometimes the people involved may be from different teams, and possibly even different companies!  Think of agencies and how they were historically set up.

PR agencies, ad agencies, and brand marketers were always tasked with content distribution. That content could be a pr message, marketing tag, or print/video ad. Those teams were almost always brought in after the content creation, with virtually no input prior to completion. The management of the assets were overseen by perhaps one person (VP Marketing, etc), and the various teams did the best with what they were provided.

The Digital Asset Management Conference in Los Angeles last week week challenged this methodology.  Companies like HBO and Open Text promoted the idea of upfront planning for all assets and distribution. This can be challenging, especially with divergent philosophies, but ultimately helps ensure the creation of the best assets for the optimum management and distribution.

What we see is this –  not only are silos breaking down between earned/paid/owned media, but silos are beginning to break down at the content planning stages as well.


Originally posted on Beyond PR on March 05, 2013 by Kevin Wilke, divisional vice president with MultiVu.