UBM Case Study: A Shining Example of Social Collaboration in the Enterprise

Posted by on March 13, 2013

Rachel Happe of The Community Roundtable recently launched an effort to help community and social business leaders better understand how executives support, invest in, and adopt social technologies themselves. In order to articulate the executive journey, Happe and her team spearheaded a research initiative called The Social Executive; and UBM proved to be a worthy case study, illustrating our own journey in establishing an internal social network.

The study highlights UBM’s implementation of The Hub, the perspectives of key senior executives, and some of the groundbreaking innovation made possible by a more networked communications structure. It illustrates the importance of both executive leadership and engagement, covering CEO David Levin’s early decisions and his personal use of social tools and how those decisions helped to unify company culture and made collaboration and employee engagement easier and more prevalent, ultimately leading to innovations that would not have been possible otherwise.

The E2 team is proud that our company is a shining example of social collaboration in the enterprise. Read more about the UBM case study.

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