Audience Engagement Formula: Great Content + Frictionless Registration

Posted by on March 19, 2013

UBM Tech marketers recently launched two audience re-engagement campaigns demonstrating the power of quality content that resonates with an audience, as well as the power of marketing automation to make registrant data capture as close to frictionless as possible.

These campaigns delivered more than 750 re-engaged members to our pool of marketable names. We had a collective email open rate of 19%, and a visitor-to-form conversion rate better than 80%! Those who accepted our offer had been inactive for up to 24 months.

How did we do it? Three core strategies that represent our audience engagement best practices:

  • Developed quality content. We promoted a report — an IT career/staffing guide — as the “carrot” for re-activating membership. That report was created explicitly because audience members told us in a survey they want more career-oriented content. It pays to listen to your audience.
  • Leveraged marketing automation to hide the bulk of our required registration fields. We presented just 3 simple form fields, 2 of them dropdowns (see below), that enabled us to capture individuals’ most up-to-date information.


Staffing Repoirt Email Promo_THANK YOU_thumb


  • Employed marketing best practices including:
    • Personalized e-mail subject line (“Tom’s 2013 Career Guide”), header and body copy
    • Highlight key takeaways – focused on percentage of companies looking to hire in certain IT disciplines – in easily scanned bullet points
    • Present a single, clear call to action; in this case, a red “Get It Now” button
    • Conduct delivery time tests, including a Sunday evening mailing

Based on early results, we’ll now follow the proven path of adapt, test, then adapt more until we can consistently deliver similar or better results.

How is your organization looking to re-engage inactive members? Have you seen successes or failures from which other marketers can learn? Submit comments below, or connect with me, and let’s discuss.