Are You Offering Prospects A Hot Fudge Sundae Without the Chocolate?

Posted by on July 15, 2013


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3832663586_2207a1c9a8Imagine an ice cream parlor that offered a ‘hot fudge sundae’, but the ice cream they served wasn’t smothered in rich dark chocolate.  It doesn’t matter how beautifully displayed the dessert is – the bowl gets pushed to the side because it’s less than what had been anticipated. Then the next time there’s a craving for a hot fudge sundae, another ice cream shop is picked.

Leads in a nurture program react exactly this way to emails that promise value and don’t deliver on it.  First, if a lead doesn’t find value with the asset offered, they will stop looking for value from that brand.  Then the leads will stop interacting with the email-based conversation altogether.  As a result, marketing statistics will drop or remain low.  When open, click, and form conversion ratios are low over time, the inbox placement of future emails dwindles, which will affect an organization’s ability to reach leads in the future.  The results are even more dismal when leads start listening to a competitor who is able to provide a valuable asset in an email.  When this happens, the possibility for a future sale shrinks considerably.

Successful business and marketing metrics can only be achieved in nurture programs when leads receive value from content, and it’s delivered when they’re ready for it.

Strong content is the critical ingredient to a successful nurture program.  The architecture of a nurture program can be incredibly sophisticated – able to respond to leads’ actions on a multitude of levels – but the program will inevitably fail if the content is weak.

That said, strong content alone will not guarantee success. If content is delivered that does not line up with the lead’s current needs or buyer persona, the lead will not see the value and will not interact.  The result will also be low marketing metrics and weak sales.

To help blend these two components, marketing automation ensures the right content is delivered at the appropriate time by responding to each leads’ digital body language.  In other words, marketing automation is the ice cream server that has sensed the need for a hot fudge sundae and watches as it’s gobbled down in 10 minutes flat!  Together, marketing automation and strong content enable marketing to increase the number of leads in a pipeline, optimize the value of the leads delivered to sales, and reduce the time it takes for sales to close a deal.

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