Social Media Referrals | What’s In, What’s Out

Posted by on August 7, 2013

Prioritizing social marketing is difficult and relative. It’s really about your results, revenue, and benchmarks with a hawk eye on the competition. That’s why this chart* from Eloqua caught my eye.

Social Media Referrals

LinkedIn’s referral traffic is 16x higher for B2B companies. Does this hold true for you?

What’s also interesting about these charts because it’s missing (and that Eloqua themselves would note since this chart is a few years old), is Pinterest. Pinterest is exploding, and I’m fascinated.

Take a look at these B2C and B2B companies experimenting on Pinterest:

Intriguing… right?

Now, could you see <insert your business here> with Pinterest boards such as:

  • Design & prototypes
  • Schematics
  • New product videos
  • Top content
  • Training programs
  • Jobs

Still rolling your eyes? Just reserve your company’s Pinterest handle. Today.

As if we need another social marketing channel, I know. But remember, Facebook began limited to students at Harvard.

Look ahead.

What does Pinterest remind you of? Storyboards, concept boards, baseball cards, or something else?

* Download Eloqua’s, “40 Must See Charts for Modern Marketers,” It’s worth your time and contact information.