The Year’s 10 Best Charts for B2B Tech Marketers

Posted by on December 18, 2013

Did you know that two-thirds of small companies polled only create B2B content in-house? Or that barely half of marketers believe there will be an increase in next year’s spending on LinkedIn?

2013 has been full of great research pieces, but sometimes a simple chart is the easiest to understand and take action. We’ve posted a wide range of newsworthy charts over the past year – from developer’s most worrisome problem to cloud security risks – but these 10 charts get to the crux of what marketers need to know about content, social media and priorities.

What charts have surprised you into action? Please share in the comments!

  1. Top 10 Most Valuable Types of Tech Content
  2. Insourcing vs Outsourcing of B2B Content Creation
  3. Do Weekends Have The Highest Email CTR?
  4. Which Event Formats Provide the Best Educational Experience?
  5. Social Media Advertising Spending Over the Next 12 Months
  6. If Your Company Uses Social Media Monitoring Software, Which Software Does It Use?
  7. Is Social Media Now Critically Important?
  8. Performance of Facebook’s Paid vs Unpaid Posts
  9. Social Media Referral Traffic: B2B vs B2C
  10. US Digital Ad Spending by Channel