Targeted Ads + Targeted Content = Better Performance

Posted by on February 2, 2017

As we’ve written about several times before, targeting your ads and content to your specific audience results in better engagement, better leads, and ultimately, better conversions. With this in mind, we developed our Topic Alignment Program (or, TAP) to help tech marketers reach their desired audiences.

Our TAP marketing platform allows you to select a topic on one of our websites you’d like to align your ads and content with. For instance, putting an ad on Dark Reading is a great way to connect with IT security professionals in general, but if you only want to reach the security pros interested in Cloud Security, sponsoring our Cloud subcategory will put you directly in front of them. Want to reach IT pros in the IoT Infrastructure field? Try sponsoring Network Computing’s IoT subcategory.

TAP also includes sponsorship of one of our related editorial reports, like this Dark Reading Tech Digest, to fill your pipeline with targeted leads. Simply put, it’s an all-inclusive package designed to help you reach, engage and educate prospects—while also collecting leads.

To learn more about our Topic Alignment Program, check out our explainer video below or contact us to get started.