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Ad Retargeting Converts Window Shoppers Into Buyers

Repetition.  Repetition.  Repetition.  Ad retargeting converts window shoppers into buyers.

Now that pricing information, customer reviews, detailed feature comparisons, and a fount of additional information that used to be guarded by sales representatives are now often available online - 72% of the B2B marketers said engaging anonymous buyers before they self-identify is a major challenge.

That’s where ad retargeting comes into play. Retargeting keeps your brand front and center, through repeated exposure to a specific audience. It keeps track of all the people who visit your site or view your ad, and then displays those ads to them again as they visit other sites.

Such is the beauty of the Internet: it leaves a trail. Which means that when you start an ad targeting/retargeting program with a media site like InformationWeek, we can follow the trail of IT decision makers into the future and retarget these potential customers over and over again.

How Retargeting Works

Retargeting is a cookie-based technology that uses a Javascript code to follow your audience all over the web. It starts when you place a small piece of code—otherwise known as a pixel—on your web site. Whenever a new person visits your site, the code drops an anonymous browser cookie.


As these “cookied” visitors browse the web, the cookie will let your retargeting service provider know when to serve ads. These ads are served only to those people who have already visited your site, are somewhat familiar with your brand, and have demonstrated at least an initial interest in your products and services.

Retargeting Best Practices

Before you start a program, B2B marketers must make an assessment of the key business objectives retargeting is expected to achieve. Goals like increased awareness, greater traffic volume, more qualified leads, and improved ability to identify upsell opportunities require different approaches. Compare capabilities of various solutions to ensure they address your expected outcomes.

Here are a few additional tips to get the most out of your ad retargeting efforts:

  • Segment your audience according to their specific needs; you can select from a wide range of technology topics including cloud, mobile, networking, security and risk management.
  • Tailor your ads to account for these different needs
  • Don’t retarget those who’ve already purchased
  • Be sure to include call-to-actions that promote a specific offer
  • Be aware that different products warrant different retargeting time windows (some are more time-sensitive than others)

And here’s another best practice: look to UBM to help with your ad targeting needs. We have access to a large network of tech decision makers, and we can ensure that your ad follows a targeted group of those potential buyers, based on their specific interests and behaviors. Retargeting helps boost the effectiveness and efficiency of online advertising results while leading prospects down the information-gathering process.

To learn more about UBM’s ad targeting services, please visit:

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