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The foundation of every business – its information systems and capabilities – needs to be reliable, flexible and scalable to meet changing business demands. Companies rely on their IT leaders to make smart decisions about the products and services that enable and enhance employee productivity, connect with customers, and drive the business. The rise of virtualization, cloud computing and mobility is causing immense changes inside and outside the data center. IT leaders have more options than ever for how to build infrastructure, how to deliver applications and services, and how to allocate budgets. To choose the most efficient strategies and critical spends, IT leaders must have the best information, understand how to ask the right questions, and be able to explain infrastructure complexities in a manner that makes sense to business executives.

Network Computing provides IT leaders, managers and practitioners with in-depth analysis on new and emerging technologies, real-world advice on implementation and operations, and practical strategies for IT professionals to improve their skills and advance their careers. Network Computing is a platform that brings together award-winning editors, expert practitioners and analysts, and the IT community to share information and learn from one another.

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