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Content Marketing: The Building Blocks of LEGO’s Success

OK, maybe the title is a little groan-inducing, but content marketing really is at the center of LEGO’s drive for growth, and Lars Silberbauer, the Global Director of Social Media and Search for LEGO, told the Content Marketing World audience during his keynote presentation in September that content creation – by both the company itself and also by its millions of customers, has created a solidly loyal community.

Lego_dublo_arto_alanenpaa_5 "We should be the best in the world at adapting to the needs of consumers, not the best at YouTube.”

It’s the content, primarily videos, that customers post to LEGO forums that has been the biggest boost to interaction between the company and its constituents. Through this, LEGO has engendered a feeling among customers that they are “building together” and that customer are able to demonstrate their “pride of creation.” Through this content, said Silberbauer, “we want to be observant and understanding of every cue our customers give.” It’s a valuable connection that takes careful attention to promote, hone, and grow. In fact, this attention to the customer has lifted customer engagement by 61% in that past two years, he said.

As you can imagine, his message is also not to create content for content’s sake. As Silberbauer puts it, “It’s massively important to us to listen to kids’ imaginations. We should be the best in the world at adapting to the needs of consumers, not the best at YouTube.” Success at content marketing is not achieved by hiring a social team, it requires building value over time. This adaptive concept is at the core of their content marketing program. “We see disruptive change in the market, so we have to change,” he said.

Another important message during the keynote was the importance of creating great content that will inspire people to engage and share. It’s not just about having the best content, Silberbauer said, it’s about having the best promoted content. After all, he said, “75% of all content on the web gets no links.”

To that end, he encouraged the audience to find that “missing stat” in your content marketing analysis that helps lead to more social engagement. That may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s something that he says is often stated but rarely done. Conducting good research leads to links, and strong opinions lead to shares. LEGO’s blog has thousands of uncompensated contributors because people are passionate about participating. “Your blog is your best networking tool,” he said.

Indeed, it’s one of the many important building blocks of a great content marketing campaign.

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