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On IT Security, Religion and What Readers Will Tell You If You Ask

One of my favorite things about working in media is talking to our readers and users. They’re quick to tell you what’s up in the real world, what they’re dealing with on a day to day basis and what we as publishers and marketers can do (or not do for that matter) to help them be more effective in their jobs. So recently when my boss asked me to assume business responsibility

Research Resources for Social Media

Want to gain a better understanding of what your competitors are doing, what is being said about your and your markets, than this article is for you. Great resources to use in developing your own social media plan!

Social Media Research Resources: By billbaird on July 24, 2008

What Marketers Can Learn From Obama's Campaign

This is a great columnby Al Ries at Advertising Age on lessons learn during the presidental race. Simplicity, relevance and consistency trump clever - add in a well executed plan and that equals success.

What to Expect From Virtual Events

InformationWeek & Dark Reading Security Virtual Event: Risk, Protection, and Access – Mastering Today’s Security Threats was a huge sucess and we have some truly amazing stats to report! These numbers are consistent with what we experienced with the InformationWeek 500 virtual event and will give you some idea of what to expect from a business technology buyer.

The Role of a Magazine Today: InformationWeek Magazine as the Field Guide for Tomorrow’s CIO

So why do we still have print magazines today? Think about it—with a generation of new workers that have not known anything but being online, why the hell do we still need print? Well, as a publisher of a network of sites, an analyst business, bloggers and, oh yeah, a magazine, it is something that I think about every day.

In fact, it is something that we have used to very literally create the strategy that runs every aspect of our business.

Membership Media...

An Effective Type of Social Professional Network

In working with business-to-business professionals, I am becoming convinced the most valuable professional type of “social” network is where there is a true professional membership or affiliation. To differentiate it from the myriad of online networks, let’s simply call it “Membership Media”.

Web TV: Smelling Like a Rose

Don’t be alarmed if you can’t decide whether mid-roll is better than pre-roll (the former happens after you turn 30), or if lower-third overlays are a good thing (better than a layover in Dallas, I’m sure), because – and I don’t want to name names here, but I have no choice – nobody’s figured out the right way to make money on web TV.

Last week our TechWebTV crew attended and filmed the aptly-named Contentonomics conference right outside of Hollywood,

Time to Rethink Using E-Newsletters

Gone are the days of mass emailing e-newsletters, publishers are serious about providing relevant content and maximizing value for their readers.

The Five Things CIO-Types Hate About Tech Marketing

In planning for an upcoming event with CIOs and vendor sales people, I have been engaging in several discussions with CIOs and IT decision makers (Professional IT Buyers) about Tech Marketing, what they like and what bugs the heck out of them. I was overwhelmed with some rants, raves and stories, but also with some practical solutions and things to think about.

Why our Competitors are Failing at Lead Gen

Ha. I love the lead-gen discussion. So many marketers are turning to us to help them increase lead quality. Why? Because marketers have asked and publishing companies have delivered. “Give us the lowest CPL possible” says marketer. “No problem” says publisher. Smack. Major issues for the industry.

Entourage and the CIO

So I am guessing that, unless you live under a rock, that you are familiar with the show Entourage. The characters, who I think are fantastic, have developed nicely over the last couple of years, and I find myself looking forward to Sunday nights so I can see what Drama, Vince, Turtle, Eric and Arie are up to.

No matter what school you are from, the question is: Does art imitate life (Plato) or does life imitate art (Aristotle)?

Display Advertising - Does Contextual Relevancy Make a Difference?

There is a new study pertaining to B2B ad awareness and purchase intent, that was conducted by Enquiro. With many options open to advertisers, relevance becomes a key factor in peformance and ultimatley effectiveness of the campaign. The study finds:

  • Business to business (B2B) advertisements which are relevant to their context can lift purchasing intent amongst viewers by up to 36% above a non-relevant placement.

Key findings from the study included:

IT Terms - Defined!

Need to find out what the buzz word of the moment means? We have a couple options that will help you keep up with this rapidly changing industry.

TechEncyclopedia: More than 20,000 IT Terms, brought to by the Information Business Technology Network.