Ad Targeting

Reach Targeted Business Technology Decision Makers

Ad Targeting is a powerful brand-building opportunity to showcase your message in front of our network of more than 1.75 million tech decision makers and beyond. Your ad series follows a targeted group of tech decision makers based on users’ specific interests and behaviors. By customizing the users’ experience from their recent page visits and search history, you will be able to increase the relevancy of your campaigns and ultimately improve marketing ROI. For tech marketers, Ad Targeting helps boost the effectiveness and efficiency of online advertising results while leading prospects down the information-gathering process.

Behavioral Targeting – In Network: Your ad(s) are served based on users’ keyword searches and site visits. Select from a wide range of technology topics including cloud, mobile, networking, security and risk management.

Behavioral Targeting – Partner Network: Extend the reach of your message to highly targeted decision makers. Your ad series will continue to follow your target audience as they navigate through our partner networks.

How Ad Targeting Works

UBM Tech leverages proprietary data sources and quality third party partners to target audiences based on key technology topics and audience segments. No matter what your marketing goal, our display ad targeting can help you showcase your brand in front of business technology buyers at the right time – every time.

Content Syndication

Generate Demand for Your Products and Solutions Through Your Marketing Assets

Technology decision makers need to research and evaluate multiple solutions, products, and services throughout the purchase process. From case studies to white papers to technical briefs, your prospects rely on our Tech Library of trusted content to address all of their questions and concerns.

Extend the life of your content by putting it in front of the right audiences looking for useful content and technology advice. UBM Tech will host your content assets on our Tech Library and implement a three-month integrated promotional campaign. We can help you get your content into the hands of decision makers who want to hear what you have to say.

An Immediate Impact on Your Sales Funnel

Contextual links across our business technology network are combined with a promotional campaign to drive maximum visibility with tech decision makers. A tight synopsis of your white paper prompts the download process and captures lead contact information for an immediate impact on your sales funnel.

Overview – Three Month Program
  • Provide up to four sponsor-provided assets for hosting on the Tech Library
  • Promotional plan and contextual links across our online network drives visibility with tech decision makers
  • Lead collection; information provided: name, email, address, phone, title, company, industry, company size
  • Detailed reporting sent throughout scheduled program
  • Available: review of content assets for maximum performance (ask your sales representative for more details)


When you advertise in one of our editorial eNewsletters with a display ad, you put your brand in front of thousands of technology decision makers who rely on our editorial team to keep them up to date on market trends and technology news.

Your Message Delivered Straight to Target Audiences

UBM Tech provides a diverse portfolio of eNewsletters focused on a variety of industries, technologies, and professions that allows you to tailor your campaign and target your message. Campaign tracking reports are also available as a part of your package to ensure your call to action is engaging our active audience of business technology decision makers.

Simply choose from our comprehensive list of brands and topics to start reaping the benefits of eNewsletter marketing.

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Cloud Computing
InformationWeek Big Data
InformationWeek Enterprise Software
InformationWeek In Review
InformationWeek Mobile
InformationWeek Strategic CIO
Dark Reading Daily
Dark Reading Weekly
Network Computing
Bank Systems & Technology
Insurance & Technology
Wall Street & Technology


Exhibitor Spotlight Program (ESP)

Attract The Attention of IT Professionals as They Are Making Plans for Interop Las Vegas
Grab the attention of prospective Interop Las Vegas attendees with our Exhibitor Spotlight Program. This exciting pre-event digital marketing program lets you spotlight your company’s exhibition plans on – Interop’s companion website for IT professionals.

The Exhibitor Spotlight Program runs seven weeks leading up to the event, and during the event week itself, allowing you to reach and attract the attention of prospective attendees as they’re planning out their agenda for Interop Las Vegas.

How ESP Works

  • An “Inside Interop” ribbon ad unit featuring your company logo runs on
  • When users click on the ad, a microsite dedicated to your event exhibition plans will open up.
  • The interactive microsite is designed to give prospective attendees an early glimpse into what your company is planning to showcase at the event (speakers, booth giveaways, presentation times, etc.), as well as access to your marketing materials – allowing IT pros to read up on your company’s solutions and perspective

ESP is exclusively available to Interop exhibitors. Contact your Interop sales rep today for more information.

InformationWeek IT Life

Technology leaders get into IT because they love technology. It isn’t a just job; it’s a lifestyle. InformationWeek is known within the tech community as the place to go for insight and commentary to help with their professional lives.

IT Life is where technology decision makers go to find everything they care about, including career advice, science and technology news, and tech-related leisure pursuits such as the maker movement, videogames, sci-fi movies and TV. IT Life is anchored by the popular Geekend column, which offers a unique take on science and technology news.

IT Life is for the technologist, the geek, the tinkerer, the maker. IT Life is a community like no other – full of discussions and people committed to a richer life with technology at the center.

Reach Engaged IT Decision Makers

InformationWeek IT Life is the ideal place to reach engaged technology decision makers – the section drives more than 400,000 page views monthly.

Showcase the life of your technology brand to thousands of technology leaders through banner ads, InRead Video or Native Content Distribution.

Make your product or service part of the tech pro’s IT Life through these products:


InformationWeek Reports

Connect With Tech Buyers As They Make Final Technology Recommendations

InformationWeek Reports are tailored to help decision makers determine which strategies and products are right for their business. These 15- to 40-page reports span the topics important to IT, from security and networking to applications and cloud computing, and include buyer’s guides for select technology categories.

Comprehensive, Real-World Technology Assessments Written by IT Professionals

Align your thought leadership with exclusive InformationWeek content while generating leads. The research-driven report “underwritten by [sponsor]” is hosted on the report site for 6 months along with five additional content assets of yours available to download. Content syndication and promotional campaigns can be added to your program to drive visibility and build your sales funnel.

Underwriting & Distribution Sponsorship 

  • Specified report “underwritten by [sponsor]” on report site for 6 months
  • Opportunity to post 5 assets on report page
  • PowerPoint summary of report
  • Distribution rights for 6 months

Add: Content Syndication – Three month program

  • Promotional plan and contextual links across our online network drives visibility with tech decision makers
  • Lead collection; information provided: name, email, address, phone, title, company, industry, company size
  • Detailed reporting throughout scheduled program

Add: Brand Awareness – Three month program

  • Promote the underwritten report across our IT communities with a custom expandable portrait ad

InRead Video

High Impact Video Embedded in an Editorial Article

InRead is a video advertisement placed in the middle of an editorial article. The video plays once the video is visible on the user’s screen, pauses if the user cannot see it, and resumes when it comes into view again. Audio starts on the rollover of the user’s mouse.

Ideal Video Format to Engage the Tech Buying Community

Placing your short video deep within an editorial – between two editorial paragraphs and below the fold – ensures more focused, attentive viewer engagement. InRead Video is designed for tech marketers who want to drive brand awareness with our audience through high-quality sight, sound and motion. To watch the demo of InRead Video, click here.

Program Benefits: 
  • High impact video unit embedded into the heart of editorial articles
  • Optimal user experience
  • Plays when more than 50% of ad is visible on screen
  • Guaranteed visibility – only plays when in view for user
  • Cost Per Video Start model – pay when video is in view
  • Large size video – HD quality, adapts to screen size
  • Extensive reporting, including completion rates

Licensing and Reprints

Develop a more powerful and sophisticated message about your product, service, or company and set your brand apart from the competition. Incorporating content from a UBM brand with your various marketing programs can improve the strength of your brand and add integrity to all of your communications.

There are numerous opportunities for you to leverage editorial recognition for the benefit of your brand.


Integrate your recognition with your TV, radio, print and digital marketing initiatives. Our Licensing Management Team will negotiate and draft a customized licensing agreement to suit your specific marketing program requirements.

Our knowledgeable and experienced licensing team is skilled at negotiating and drafting licenses and other agreements involving:

  • Trademarks and Brand Identity
  • Designs
  • Brand and Masthead Logos
  • Award Logos
  • Literary Works
  • Rights of Publicity
  • Characters
  • Artwork and Photography
  • Internet Content including Click-Through Licenses


The greatest benefit of reprints is the ability to customize and present editorial content as a powerful and professional marketing piece. Whether you are using them for your next direct mail campaign or handing them out at an upcoming industry trade show, reprints can enhance your marketing efforts particularly when you tailor them to your specifications.


Feature this recognition on your website or social media profiles with an ePrint and enhance your digital presence. A sophisticated ePrint can highlight rankings and logos, incorporate videos and links, and provide data and feedback for tracking measuring ROI.

List Rentals

UBM’s technology market lists are managed exclusively by MeritDirect. The UBM Hi-Tech Database houses over 3.2 million records as the most comprehensive set of business technology market response data available. This database offers B2B technology direct marketing solutions to subscribers of leading media brands.

The Hi-Tech Database from UBM provides B2B marketers access to professionals in key markets, offering direct marketing opportunities in the form of postal, email and telemarketing list rental.

Visit for more information or fill out this short form to receive list rental options and a customized list recommendation

MeritDirect, LLC.

333 Westchester Ave.
South Building
White Plains, NY 10604
Fax: 914-368-1150

Must Reads

The Month’s Most Essential Reads

Business technology decision makers are inundated with information from every possible platform to make strategic decisions. Our editors aim to help technology buyers filter out the fluff with Must Reads – the month’s most essential reads.

Must Reads are topically-based digital compilations of the most insightful, talked about, commented on, and tweeted content over the past 30 days. Each Must Reads issue delivers “Best Of ” content pieces including news and feature stories, slideshows, commentary, and video that are all hand-selected by our editors.

For technology marketers, Must Reads provide a trusted editorial environment to generate targeted leads and promote thought leadership through a resource center with your five best content assets.

Overview – One Month Program

  • Promotional plan and contextual links across our online network drives visibility with tech decision makers
  • Lead collection; contact information provided: name, email, address, phone, title, company, industry, company size
  • Logo on registration page and within Must Read issue
  • Two ad placements in the issue: 1/3 page vertical ad and Resource Center

Ad Format Options:

  • 1/3 Page Vertical Ad
  • Resource Center
    • Links up to 5 sponsor-hosted assets
    • Headline for each asset (maximum  8 words)
    • Short description for each asset (maximum 25 words)

Native Content Distribution

Connect Your Company’s Voice With Our Online Tech Communities

Native Content Distribution units are assimilated into UBM Tech’s Business Technology Suite site design. This means your content (white paper, video, or product announcement) looks cohesive with our trusted editorial.

Reach An Active Community of IT Pros

Your native ad runs on our homepage and at the end of editorial articles, above the comments section. Native Content Distribution is designed for tech marketers who want to drive brand awareness with our IT audience through content.

  • Benefits: Units are cohesive with page content, assimilated into the design, and consistent with the platform behavior
  • Turnkey: Supply high res visuals or video with a text description and link, and start driving traffic immediately
  • Placement: Homepage and end of article promotion; strategically placed near commenting sections to reach engaged users
  • Targeting: Ability to target device, site or contextual sections

Partner Perspectives

Your Voice. Our Platform. One Community.
Join the Conversations and Share Your Point of View

Partner Perspectives is a native advertising program that gives you the opportunity to inject thought leadership and insight within the context of our trusted, editorial communities through contributed content. Engage tech decision makers with articles and opinion pieces by your subject matter experts while igniting discussions with the tech community through full commenting and social sharing tools.

Connecting Your Company’s Voice With Our Tech Communities

Your articles and video blogs are featured on our homepage blog roll and hosted on a dedicated landing page that features your logo, company overview, and pictures of your bloggers. An integrated promotional program across our community site provides you with significant exposure to our audience.

A dedicated senior content expert will also help you optimize your program through content launch strategy, and quarterly meetings to review reporting and give recommendations on program content.

Partner Perspectives –

  • Gold: 10 articles or video posts per month
  • Silver: 5 articles or video posts per month

HOW IT WORKS (click images to zoom)



Partner Landing Page


Blog Page


Pre-Event Promo Unit (PEP)

Engage the Tech Buying Community Before Interop Las Vegas

Optimize your 2015 Interop Las Vegas program with a Pre-Event Promo Unit (PEP) that will get your brand front and center before prospects show up onsite.

This high-visibility promotion will run on UBM Tech’s enterprise IT communities: InformationWeek, the most trusted business technology media brand in the world – or Network Computing, the IT infrastructure community.

The PEP unit is designed to help tech marketers drive brand awareness before the event, and gain a head start of the competition. It is exclusive to Interop exhibitors, and begins to run as early as three months prior to the event.

Program Overview:

  • For exhibitors only; unit rotates with other sponsors
  • Guaranteed visibility; promotes logo, booth number, and links to the event exhibitor listing (no impression guarantees)
  • Turnkey: provide your logo and booth number and UBM Tech creates your PEP unit using a standard template
  • Can run on either InformationWeek or Network Computing, or both

Sign up for PEP as soon as possible to ensure full valueContact your Interop sales rep today for more information.

Radio Shows

Educate And Engage Target Audiences While Filling Your Sales Pipeline

We’ve combined streaming audio with our unique chat application to deliver unprecedented levels of engagement.

One of our brand’s trusted editors and an expert from the user community will host a 60 minute live Radio Show  on a UBM Tech community site of sponsor’s choice. Contextually-relevant, sponsor materials are embedded next to the audio player for download as additional education and brand awareness.

Ideal Audio Format To Engage The Tech Buying Community

Audiences can use UBM Tech’s chat application as they listen to have conversations with other attendees, and direct questions to the presenter during a Q&A post-event.


Tech Digests

Expert Perspective on Technology Trends –  For IT, By IT

Tech Digests are web-based compilations of practical analysis on a specific technology topic, from the State of Storage and Cloud to Strategic Security and Big Data. Our team of senior editors and practicing IT professionals – including CIOs, long-time consultants, and experienced analysts – provide expert perspective that business technology decision makers need to identify, track, and interpret market trends. Each issue features the authoritative perspective needed for long-term planning that UBM Tech brands are known for – and relied upon – in the IT community.

Fill Your Sales Pipeline With Engaged IT Decision Makers

For technology marketers, Tech Digests are the ideal platform to reach CIOs, IT directors and managers, and tech-savvy business managers. Align your company and its solutions with our award-winning editorial, and start garnering leads – fast.

Overview – One Month Program

  • Promotional plan and contextual links across our online network drives visibility with tech decision makers
  • Lead collection; contact information provided: name, email, address, phone, title, company, industry, company size
  • Logo on registration page and within Tech Digest issues
  • Available brands: InformationWeek, Dark Reading, Network Computing
  • Two ad placements in the issue: 1/3 page vertical ad and resource center

Ad Format Options:

  • 1/3 Page Vertical Ad
  • Resource Center
    • Links up to 5 sponsor-hosted assets
    • Headline for each asset (maximum  8 words)
    • Short description for each asset (maximum 25 words)


The InformationWeek News Desk @Interop

For the first time in Interop history, critical news coming from the event will be reported LIVE at the InformationWeek News Desk.

Located in the heart of the expo show floor, the News Desk is where attendees will gather to watch live coverage of Interop Las Vegas from InformationWeek’s team of trusted reporters and experts. Video coverage from the News Desk will be streamed live on, and on monitors throughout the show floor.

Launching a New Product at Interop Las Vegas?

As an exhibitor, you have the opportunity to schedule a two-minute interview segment at the News Desk to share your company’s new innovative technology solutions, and how you’re helping to solve IT professionals’ challenges.

News Desk Programming @Interop Las Vegas

Live coverage at the News Desk will take place on the expo floor Wednesday (April 29th)  and Thursday (April 30th), from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm.  The editors will cover key technology trend topics aligned with Interop Las Vegas tracks:

  • Applications
  • Collaboration
  • Cloud
  • Mobility
  • Security
  • Leadership
  • Infrastructure
  • SDN
  • Storage
  • Virtualization
  • Data Analytics

The InformationWeek News Desk is exclusively available to Interop exhibitors. Contact your Interop sales rep today for more information.

Topic Alignment Program (TAP)

Align Your Company With Contextually Relevant Editorial

UBM Tech hosts trusted communities for IT leaders and practitioners through market leading sites like InformationWeek, Dark Reading, Network Computing, Bank Systems & Technology, Insurance & Technology and Wall Street & Technology.

Our Topic Alignment Program (TAP) provides you with the opportunity to sponsor topic-specific content on one of our community sites, putting your service or solution in front of active IT buyers.

Overview – Three Month Program

  • Select the topic area that best aligns with your company’s offerings
  • Promote your solutions within contextually relevant editorial as buyers do their information gathering
  • Educate prospects by posting your white papers, case studies, and research papers with options to add your social feed and blogs via an interactive Related Content box
  • Add Partner Perspectives to your TAP and inject your voice into trusted editorial environments

TAP Program Builder – Customize Your Program With These Additional Services

Brand Awareness

  • Partner Perspectives
  • Additional Related Content unit and top rectangle ad unit
  • InRead Video
  • Homepage roadblock
  • Bookend unit

Content Development

  • Digital services (ex. case studies, eBooks, tech briefs)
  • Custom research services
  • Graphic services (ex. infographics, slideshows)
  • Video services

Thought Leadership

  • Webinar

Contact us to learn more about Topic Alignment Programs on InformationWeek, Dark Reading, Network Computing, Wall Street & Technology, Bank Systems & Technology, and Insurance & Technology!



Attract Engaged Buyers With Educational Broadcasts

UBM Tech University’s interactive learning environment offers technology professionals an entirely new way to engage with the intelligence they need to make sound business decisions.

UBM Tech University is a unique mashup of streaming audio, instant messaging, and contextually relevant, educational materials.

Expert tutors cover specific topics over three 45-minute course sessions. They are interactive tutorials for attendees to ask the lecturer questions, discuss complex issues with their fellow attendees, and download a wealth of additional learning materials.

Courses are also archived; and the live chat message board for each course remains open for ongoing educational discussions.

Editorial University: UBM Tech controls the content, courseware and instructor and promotes the course to its IT community.

Partner University: You control and provide the content, courseware and instructor, while UBM Tech promotes the course to its IT community.


Click to see the variety of sessions available

Click to see the variety of sessions available

Web Advertising

Powerful Brand Building Opportunity

Showcase your product or service in front of business technology buyers. Reach a variety of IT and tech-savvy business professionals with run-of-network or run-of-site positions. Your ads will also be seen on mobile devices because of our sites’ responsive design.

Contextually Align Your Message for Maximum Exposure

For a more targeted approach, use contextual placements to reach business technology decision makers interested in specific technologies and industries. Ask about options for InformationWeek, Network Computing and Dark Reading.

Super-Sized Ad Units to Showcase Your Best Content

Repackage your existing content assets (whitepapers, video, case studies) and social media feeds into a unit that users can interact with.

  • Rich functionality: In-ad video players, real-time polling, and live chat available
  • Lead with content: Twice the size of a standard rectangle unit, coupled with the units’ slide or tab format, provides you with an unprecedented amount of real estate.
  • Deep metrics and performance: Click-thrus, downloads, streams, interactions, sharing and more. This format has proven to increase user-engagement via higher CTR and interaction rates.

Ask about our Large Canvas units:

  • Intellicenter
  • Filmstrip
  • Portrait
  • Sidekick
  • Leaderboard Amplifier
  • Leaderboard Content Drop Down
  • Leaderboard Pushdown
  • Leaderboard Slider
  • Bookend
  • Welcome Ads


Educate and Engage Target Audiences While Filling Your Sales Pipeline

One of IT buyers’ most popular formats for learning in-depth information, sponsored webinars are a prime opportunity to share thought leadership and generate leads. Access the largest, most influential community of business technology buyers by aligning your webinar with one of our market leading brands.

Overview – Three Month Program

  • One-hour live audio event
  • Event hosting and technical support included
  • Features include: live Q&A, surveys and polling, URL links, social media integration, and screen sharing capability
  • Promotional plan and contextual links across our online network drives visibility with tech decision makers
  • Lead collection; information provided: name, email, address, phone, title, company, company size
  • Add video to any webinar for an incremental cost

Custom Webinar

You have control of the content, while we provide complete audience development, marketing, production and project management as well as a professional moderator to manage the discussion with your presenters.

Editorial Webinar

Our editors lead topic creation and recruit speakers, analysts and other experts, while our audience development experts drive traffic to the webinar. Includes a brief speaking opportunity at the end of the webinar.