InRead Video

High Impact Video Embedded in an Editorial Article

InRead is a video advertisement placed in the middle of an editorial article. The video plays once the video is visible on the user’s screen, pauses if the user cannot see it, and resumes when it comes into view again. Audio starts on the rollover of the user’s mouse.

Ideal Video Format to Engage the Tech Buying Community

Placing your short video deep within editorial – between two paragraphs and below the fold – ensures more focused, attentive viewer engagement. InRead Video is designed for tech marketers who want to drive brand awareness with our audience through high-quality sight, sound and motion.

To watch the demo of InRead Video, see  it with and without countdown options.

Program Benefits: 

  • High impact video unit embedded into the heart of editorial articles
  • Optimal user experience
  • Plays when more than 50% of ad is visible on screen
  • Guaranteed visibility – only plays when in view for user
  • Cost Per Video Start model – pay when video is in view
  • Large size video – HD quality, adapts to screen size
  • Extensive reporting, including completion rates