Licensing and Reprints

Develop a more powerful and sophisticated message about your product, service, or company and set your brand apart from the competition. Incorporating content from a UBM brand with your various marketing programs can improve the strength of your brand and add integrity to all of your communications.

There are numerous opportunities for you to leverage editorial recognition for the benefit of your brand.


Integrate your recognition with your TV, radio, print and digital marketing initiatives. Our Licensing Management Team will negotiate and draft a customized licensing agreement to suit your specific marketing program requirements.

Our knowledgeable and experienced licensing team is skilled at negotiating and drafting licenses and other agreements involving:

  • Trademarks and Brand Identity
  • Designs
  • Brand and Masthead Logos
  • Award Logos
  • Literary Works
  • Rights of Publicity
  • Characters
  • Artwork and Photography
  • Internet Content including Click-Through Licenses


The greatest benefit of reprints is the ability to customize and present editorial content as a powerful and professional marketing piece. Whether you are using them for your next direct mail campaign or handing them out at an upcoming industry trade show, reprints can enhance your marketing efforts particularly when you tailor them to your specifications.


Feature this recognition on your website or social media profiles with an ePrint and enhance your digital presence. A sophisticated ePrint can highlight rankings and logos, incorporate videos and links, and provide data and feedback for tracking measuring ROI.

Licensing and Reprints