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Reduce B2B Content Waste with a Strategy for Context

Did you know that B2B IT buyers use an average of 5 types of content to make a purchase decision, yet as much as 90% of B2B content sits unused? Further, an astonishing 65% of B2B buyers are frustrated by inconsistent content experiences, leading them to wonder what a trustworthy source is. What is the cause of all this content waste?

“Quit giving me your products, quit giving me a sales pitch”
Content marketing is really about being helpful. Marketers must lead with experience and purpose, not by product and brand. We need to be more meaningful and produce content that resonates with our buyers, as consumers are solely interested in what your product can do for THEM.

content waste

Context sets the stage for understanding our audiences, before and after an interaction. Every time your buyer interacts with you, their context should shift. Questions to help identify context are:

  • Consider changeis the problem worth solving?
    What happens if we do nothing, what are our competitors doing, who needs to be involved?
  • Embrace changeGain consensus.
    How do we get everyone to agree, what tradeoffs can we agree to, what will the future look like?
  • Prepare for changeHow should we solve it?
    What do I need to know, what are best practices, what are my choices, what could go wrong, what else does it impact?

An average day for your Persona
If you have established personas of your target audience, it’s time to ask - what does an average day for our Persona look like? What is their relationship with the other stakeholders, what’s getting in the way, what’s important to them professionally? How can we orchestrate conversations between our persona’s and their stakeholders? Who are their influencers (i.e. boss, peers, ego)?

What’s next?
A piece of content should never be distributed to a persona group without a clear “what’s next” and without a predetermined follow up.

Help your buyers binge!
93% of buyers indicate they want their information packaged together. Think of one of your Netflix binge-sessions, that's what you want to offer. However, most websites impede bingeing by the way they are set up. Instead, use content hubs to invite bingeing and sharing. An example of this could be creating several dropdown menus per persona group and map out their customer journey.

Use these tips to update your content, and be sure to make it helpful,  purposeful, and bingeable!

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