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Social Media: Time to Get Your Geek On

Let’s geek out here. Not geek out like YOUR boss does sometimes. Or how I know MY boss does often – he literally speaks in the form cheesy movie quotes. But let’s geek out social media style.

Research. Sounds pretty dang boring. Media Research. Getting warmer. B2B Tech Social Media Research. Now it’s just plain time to GET YOUR GEEK ON!

Okay. Yes. I admit it. I geek out over research pertaining to how business technology buyers consume social media -- like blogs, RSS, video content, podcasts, social networks, and mobile browsing. In fact, I could talk for hours and hours on the subject. Sadly, to many, I’ve spent countless hours doing so (my poor, poor wife and 9-month old daughter). But happily, social media allows us to enhance, enliven and engage an audience when used alongside proven tactics.

Social media is fascinating. It’s evolving. It’s an endless form of debate. Every other type of media must adjust itself and fall in line. But it also can be confusing as Ozzie Osborne’s speech pattern. And there’s a major lack of data explaining how CIOs, IT managers, corporate managers, etc. digest social media (if only Ozzie had a translator). Sure, you can warm up to your most lovable digital media blogs and sites, like,, or, but the conversation is often too broad (okay, I still geek out over these sites almost every day).

To uber-focus on the subject, we decided to connect with over 550 business technology professionals and ask them how they use social media. Among other statistics, we found out:

  • 79% have visited a web site mentioned in a blog
  • 54% have gone to a vendor site for more information after reading a blog
  • 48% have visited a website mentioned in an online video ad
  • 52% have a LinkedIn account; 29% a MySpace account; 28% a Facebook account
  • They average 28 different RSS feeds weekly to get information for their jobs

Do you feel your geek factor rising? What’s more, we learned that social media is not just for kids. Executive IT management and corporate management consume as much – and in some cases more -- social media than their junior counterparts. Take that misperception and smash it up in your bowl of Trix.

If you don’t geek on over social and digital media, even just a little bit, GET OUT of the advertising and marketing business immediately! However, if you even kind of dig this stuff, check out our 2nd Annual B2B Application Based Media Study. You’ll find quantitative data across 6 social media vehicles. And, we’ve even used our countless hours of discussion and debate with IT Pros, customers, advertisers, and marketers to offer a qualitative perspective.

Overall, you will learn more than you ever wanted to know about how to align social media -- blogs, video, social networks and mobile -- with your more traditional marketing tactics and metrics. Of course, feel free to call or email me anytime. I’m happy to help you GET YOUR GEEK ON!