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#1 Content to Generate Leads for B2B Marketers

White papers are an essential part of the tech marketer’s toolkit. From our research, we know that IT decision makers place a high value on white papers to form the basis of their decision making. They are read regularly and often passed along to colleagues to explain complex ideas or make a business case.

What we know:

  • 41% of technology buyers use white papers weekly or monthly for their jobs
  • 64% of IT professionals have shared white papers with a colleague

According to a recent report from DemandWave, we now also know that B2B marketers say white papers are the most effective digital content tactic for generating leads. 61% of respondents say white papers drive leads for their business, the most of any content type as shown in the chart.


White papers can showcase thought leadership, provide technical information, compare products, build a business case and share best practices. An information-rich white paper that’s well written and visually interesting can be an invaluable asset to help marketers move the decision-making process forward.

What does it take to get your white paper noticed and shared? Download the pdf to find three checklists to create white papers that provide value to your audience. We'll cover best practices for each step:

  1. Creating an outline
  2. Building out the content
  3. Discoverability - or planning your distribution strategy

Read on to learn how to position your content for credibility, or contact us to discuss how we can help you generate leads through great content!

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