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2011 Cloud Storage Research

In this InformationWeek Analytics report, we look at the results of InformationWeek's 2011 State of Cloud Computing survey, evaluate where the cloud offers a viable alternative to on-premises storage—and where it doesn’t—and explore organizations’ general lack of adoption of technologies that could potentially tame the storage beast.

This executive summary of charts gives tech marketers insight into what more than 350 IT decision makers say about: 

  • Reasons for Not Adopting Public Cloud Storage Services
  • Importance of Cloud Storage Features
  • Degree of Concern With On-Premises Storage Costs
  • Retention periods for different types of data
  • Requirements and/or applications are driving storage growth
  • Functions IT pros would consider moving to public cloud storage

If you're marketing cloud storage services, this report is a must-see.  Feel free to use the charts from this executive summary; just be sure to source and link back to this page!

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