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2012 State Of The Data Center

Assessing the state of enterprise data centers is really a two-part exercise: First, there’s the equipment that goes into the data center, and then there’s the facility itself. Many data center surveys focus on the latter, but designing and operating computer rooms is neither a core competency of most IT organizations nor how CIOs and their teams are measured in terms of added business value. Obsessing over how IT builds its raised floors is like judging Wal-Mart’s effectiveness as a retailer by analyzing how it builds warehouses— it provides a very narrow and incomplete understanding.

With just 8% of respondents expecting to build new facilities and constrained budgets the No. 1 trend affecting data centers, it’s clear enterprise IT’s transformation to service provider is in full swing. Today it’s far more important to focus on the hardware and software in your data center than on the glass house itself. Maybe that’s why 67% are on board with private clouds.

In this year's InformationWeek State of the Data Center Survey, our analysts focus more on the application infrastructure than the computer room design. Our 256 respondents face a delicate balancing act between standards and customization, efficiency and flexibility, and operational control versus outsourced convenience. Topline data includes:

  • Maintenance vs. Innovation
  • Top Requirement for Application Infrastructure
  • Trends With Greatest Impact on Data Center Operations
  • Data Center Budget
  • New Server and Storage Hardware Purchase Philosophy
  • Purchase Philosophy for New Business Applications
  • Data Center Strategy

Download our full report and find out what IT managers are focused on when it comes to all things data center.

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