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2014 Digital Marketing Priorities Report

Is today’s modern marketer more of a scientist? Or a storyteller?

UBM Tech's Create Your Next Customer partnered with IT Marketing World to commission the 2014 Digital Marketing Priorities Survey to answer this question and understand what's driving 150+ btob marketers' digital strategy for the coming year. The results show that storytelling has the edge, and this focus on crafting stories with quality content was evident throughout the study’s findings.

Case in point, in response to marketing resource allocations, content creation and management took the top spot, compared to online advertising and search marketing in fourth and fifth place. If brand awareness is the number one priority for most marketers, then it’s evident that they understand simply pitching products and services is no longer the best approach to reach new audiences. Targeted advertisements are necessary for brand awareness, and will be part of most of our respondents’ digital marketing strategies, but it’s equally important to engage prospects with a content asset that brings value and piques interest.

Storytelling plays an even bigger role in btob marketer’s second priority, lead generation. Marketers need to develop a variety of relevant, quality content to keep potential customers engaged throughout the buyer’s journey. The modern marketer’s content strategy should include assets that educate the audience (e.g. whitepapers and guides), help them evaluate options (e.g. data sheets), and help prospects justify their purchase decision (e.g. case studies.) It’s no wonder that content generation is listed by over 60% of our respondents as a top challenge!

The biggest hurdle for marketers this year will be increasing and proving their impact on revenue. The science behind tracking success, discovering when and why prospects convert into customers, is often muddled from lack of bandwidth as well as a lack of tools. As a result, a surprising 41% of technology marketers do not nurture leads. If more than a third of btob marketers are not nurturing their leads through the purchase process, marketers are still a long way from mastering the science of successful digital marketing.

Download the full report to learn more about the current scope and adoption of digital marketing activities.

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