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2015 Tech Marketing Priorities Research

Today we release the results from our third annual technology marketing priorities survey. We heard from 384 B2B technology marketers, across a variety of job functions and company sizes, to uncover their priorities for 2015.

This year, we decided to ask some new questions about event marketing in order to better reflect how marketers are spending their budgets and using their personnel resources. Almost half of the respondents came from small companies, with marketing departments that require them to support both events and digital marketing. Although only 4% of our respondents classified themselves as Event Marketers, trade shows and events proved to be the most successful tactic for the majority of tech marketers. As a result, tech marketers plan to exhibit at seven industry events on average.

priorities2015While it’s clear that face-to-face interaction with prospects and customers is key to any tech marketing strategy, it is important to emphasize the impact that content has on tech marketing success. It’s impossible to engage technology buyers or quality leads at events without offering content that demonstrates how the featured products or services can help their business. Dynamic content in a wide variety of formats is necessary to nurture prospects into customers throughout the year. Fortunately, the top content formats that were rated effective/very effective by tech marketers all reflect a focus on quality, rather than quick clickbait (case studies and white papers vs. slide shows and infographics.)

The reason content creation and management proved less effective than events clearly has to do with the number of challenges content marketing presents: producing content that engages, and measuring the ROI of their content programs.

The good news: more than half of respondents will be increasing the number of personnel resources devoted to content creation and management. Hopefully, the additional resources will help produce content that speaks to the target audience’s information needs – not just deliver marketing initiatives – and marketers will see higher levels of engagement.

To overcome these top challenges, consider these four steps:

  1. Take inventory of your content – Who is the audience? Does the content align with the customer’s needs?
  2. Optimize and refresh existing content – The New Year doesn’t mean all of your 2014 content must disappear. Re-use, re-mix, re-purpose content for specific audiences to achieve optimal results.
  3. Uncover the gaps in your content – When the majority of tech marketers (77%) have 2-6 unique audiences they target, it’s necessary to look at what existing content is focused on each one. Think about what information that specific audience might need.
  4. Build and manage a clear content marketing strategy - A documented content marketing calendar will help to keep projects on track, and help marketers have a better idea of the purpose of each piece to the bigger strategy.

Download the full report to learn more about the current scope of tech marketers’ content marketing and event priorities.

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