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2018 Tech Content Marketing - CMI Research Highlights

Content Marketing Institute released a research report just for tech marketers like you! The Technology Content Marketing 2018: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report looks at how technology marketers have changed their content marketing practices over the last year.

To see their analysis and download the full report visit:

Key Findings: More technology marketers say they’re focused on creating the right content for the right person at the right time – but fewer report they’re crafting content for specific points on the buyer’s journey.

In 2018, 63% of tech marketers say they prioritize providing right content to right person at the right time. That’s a big jump from 49% the previous year.  However, 50% said they always or frequently craft content for specific points in the buyer’s journey compared to 60% the previous year.

Other highlights:

  • 31% of tech marketers say their content marketing is extremely or very successful – that’s up seven percentage points from the previous year, when 24% reported high success.
  • Like last year, nearly 70% say their organization is much or somewhat more successful with content marketing compared with one year ago; as they did last year, respondents attributed that increased success primarily to doing a better job with content creation and developing or adjusting their content marketing strategy.
  • 66% of technology marketers agree their leadership team gives them ample time to produce content marketing results, compared with 51% the previous year.
  • 67% of technology marketers outsource at least one content marketing activity, with content creation being cited most often (56%).
  • Technology marketers indicated their organizations use an average of five digital technologies specifically for managing content marketing efforts, with 91% reporting use of analytics tools and 75% reporting use of marketing automation software.
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