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25 Things Email Marketers Don't Seem to Know -- But Should

Have you ever indulged in the Facebook game "25 Things You Don't Know About Me"?  If not, I'd recommend giving it a try one rainy day.  It's a fun waste of time.

Kara Trivunovic, senior director of strategic services for StrongMail Systems, decided to try it out replacing "email" for "me". She had some good points I think I might post on my wall.  Hopefully, they'll remind me what to do/not do the next time I'm constructing an email campaign.

Check out her top 10:

  1. Strategy and deliverability are not separate parts of the business; they very much impact one another.
  2. Your recipients don't innately know that [email protected] doesn't accept responses.
  3. And even if they did, they don't care. Email is a two-way communication vehicle.
  4. You should encourage recipients to respond to your email; some of the most honest insight can be gained here.
  5. Yes, that means you should actually have someone monitor that box.
  6. Best time of day to send email is like the chupacabra: it doesn't really exist, but people keep looking for it.
  7. If you weren't certain, blast is the dirtiest email word a marketer can utter.
  8. And yes, you lose credibility points the minute it passes your lips.
  9. Email and direct mail are not that different in methodology and approach - just time to market.
  10. You can and should attribute revenue or value to your email efforts.

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