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25th Annual InformationWeek 500 - Tradition & Change

InformationWeek just published its 25th annual InformationWeek 500 ranking of the most innovative users of information technology. This year, it's an event that is as much about change as it is about tradition.

One thing that hasn't changed is that the IT leader community still flocks to these articles to see where they stack up against peers and to learn best practices from our profiles of the top IT initiatives. All the content is available here on InformationWeek.

Some of the highlights include: 

  • A profile of how No. 1 company UPMC (formerly University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) expects IT to be a revenue driver, not just a cost center. We highlight UPMC's strategy on analytics, cloud and vendor partnerships.
  • Profiles of companies Nos. 2 to 5 highlight a diverse mix of industries and technologies: ConocoPhillips (analytics), Gap (omnichannel e-commerce), Penske (web development and commerce) and Miami Children's Hospital (telemedicine).
  • Our "20 Great Ideas To Steal" slideshow is among our most-read content, as IT teams use this range of actionable project ideas to spark their own brainstorming. It shows how slideshows can be heavy on the substance.
  • Our Business Innovation Award profiles highlight companies for projects in seven critical categories: analytics, customer experience, business agility, collaboration, tech-enabled new product, productivity and secure enterprise. Profiles include General Motors, Boeing and GlaxoSmithKline.

Here is some of what's new this year:

  • This is the first year we published the IW 500 in entirely digital formats with no print magazine version. The content appears in online articles and slideshows, as a digital magazine and as digital research report.
  • Social promotion is a bigger part of our effort than ever, as staffers and community members have sent dozens of tweets, LinkedIn mentions, Likes and Google + posts promoting the content.
  • We're changing our event strategy. We aren't holding our standalone InformationWeek 500 Conference and instead are shifting to a spring event closely aligned with Interop in Las Vegas. The first such InformationWeek Conference will be March 31 and April 1.
  • For next year, we're taking a new approach to our annual ranking by launching the InformationWeek Elite 100. It will be more selective, which creates a strong community foundation for the spring InformationWeek Conference, where those Elite 100 will be announced.

One last thing that hasn't and won't change is that the ranking and profiles are fueled by the kind of original, inside-the-company reporting, including interviews with the country's top CIOs, that sets InformationWeek apart from competitors. You can check out all of this year's content here. 

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