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3 Best Practices To Drive Online Engagement

How To Create Enduring (And Profitable) Customer Relationships

Business technology decision makers have access to more information from more sources on more platforms than ever before. This means you must compete harder than ever for their attention, and make the most of every opportunity.

In this paper, Tom Smith describes a unique approach to performance marketing. Tom believes world-class performance marketing campaigns are not solely about generating leads. While it’s vitally important to track the return on your marketing investments, it’s equally important to look beyond raw numbers, and craft a multi-dimensional strategy that generates trust, builds engagement and deliver better-qualified leads for your sales team.

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About Tom Smith

Tom Smith is vice president, performance marketing and analytics for UBM TechWeb. He assumed that role in April 2010 after working for roughly a decade as an Internet editorial content developer and manager working on brands such as, and In those previous web roles, he developed strategies and tactics for optimizing user experience, conversion strategies and audience engagement online and through e-mail. He also developed analytics programs aimed at refining and optimizing presentation and performance of content online and in email, and for translating raw Web performance data into actionable insights for a variety of internal and external organizations. His core goals in managing performance marketing include optimizing performance and delivery of all lead-gen, lead-nurturing and audience engagement campaigns for tech marketers, as well as ensuring UBM TechWeb expands and enhances its customer database through online registration activities.

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