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3 Tips for Content that Gets Results

You know your content is great and has information that people really need – so why aren’t they clicking on it? The answer could be in the title of your content. If it’s not eye-catching or gives your reader a strong reason to click right away, that potential business could go to someone else. Can you really risk that?

1. Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

Did this title catch your eye? Of course it did or you wouldn’t be reading this. But why? In today’s BuzzFeed mentality, we all want information as quickly and as easily as possible. Who has time to read a long list? Placing a number in your title – especially with “tips” or “tricks” along with it – gives your potential reader clues about the length of your content and a better ability to gauge if they have the time to read it.

2. Keep it Short and Sweet

In the same vein, no one has the time to sit and read a 50-page paper in the middle of their workday. You have to get your point across quickly and briefly which is why infographics and one-pagers are so popular.

3. Know Your Audience

If you’re looking for people who work in Government IT, you can’t lure them in with content that doesn’t mention the government industry. Include specific examples of how your product will help your target audience within their industry. This helps the reader know they can trust your product as you know their problem points.

These tips will help you turn your content from being passed over to being the content your readers turn to again and again.

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