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5 Best Practices For Content That Gets Results

How do you grab your prospects attention and maintain it from their first tentative inquiries all the way through their ultimate buying decision? Download the full presentation to learn how to develop content that resonates with prospects whether they're researching, narrowing down their options, or are justifying a purchase decision.

Here are the presentation's highlights:

1. Define the reader you want to engage.

Ask yourself these questions: Who are you trying to reach? What do they need? How can you help?

2. Determine The Purpose Of Your Content

Map your content to a specific stage of the buying cycle - it will help you determine what style to use.

3. Keep Content Relevant And Authentic

According to UBM Tech research, 77% of tech buyers feel that vendor content is filled with "too much fluff." Make yours more meaningful and actionable.

4. Get The Headline Right

UBM Tech's audience research shows that online readers only register the first three words of headlines and subject lines. Learn how to make those words count.

5. Fit The Content To The Format

Content should be optimized to fit the format you've chosen. Tips in the presentation cover three of IT buyers' favorite formats: white papers, videos, and infographics. 

For more information, contact Jonathan Vlock, VP of Client Marketing Strategy, UBM Tech Create at [email protected].

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