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5 Best Practices for Tech Content Syndication

We all know that content syndication works. Here are a few tips on how to make it work best.

Everyone knows the importance of content syndication—after all, what’s the point of creating content if you’re not going to make it discoverable beyond its first posting? We’ve learned a few best practices to enhance your syndication success through programs running on our IT media brands – one Dark Reading client just saw an ROI of 300% from their first campaign! UBM’s media brands have all delivered successful content syndication programs to their clients through these 5 best practices.

  1. content-syndication-imageDefine the People You Want to Engage 
    Start by asking yourself a few simple questions: Who are you trying to reach? What do they need?  And, how can you help?  Identify your target before you create your promotions, understand their pain points, and lead with what you know, rather than what you sell.
  2. Determine the Purpose of Your Content 
    Mapping your content to a specific stage of the buying cycle will help you determine what style to use.  For early stage prospects, you should focus on brand awareness and thought leadership.  Mid-stage should be about a variety of industry solutions to consider – not just your own!  And late stage content should focus on ways to help your prospects justify your technology and products.
  3. Keep Your Content Relevant and Timely 
    According to UBM’s research, more than three-quarters of tech buyers complain that vendor content is filled with “marketing fluff.” You can surmount that obstacle by using facts and figures to support your claims, focusing on benefits that provide business value, and keeping your content current (research points that are less than a year old.)
  4. Get the Headline Right 
    Our research also shows that online readers only register the first three words of headlines and subject lines.  Start with what’s most important, speak directly to your target audience and its needs, and keep in mind that “numbered” lists in headlines grab attention (as in the headline that begins this piece).
  5. Choose the Best Format 
    Your content should be optimized to fit the format you’ve chosen, and should be easily shared on Facebook, Twitter or other social media.  We’ve found that the formats that work best for content syndication are research reports, white papers and case studies, Q&A’s or FAQs, infographics and buyer’s guides.  Conversely, PowerPoint presentations, product brochures, sales collateral, videos and webinars—while all useful—don’t fare so well when syndicated.

To learn more about UBM’s content syndication program, please visit our services page.

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