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5 PR Tactics You Can Use to Promote Events & Webinars

While live events and webinars are generally thought of as marketing activities, designed for the purpose of generating leads, the promotion of these events has some real similarities to launching a PR campaign.  By pulling a few pages from the PR playbook,  an organization can increase awareness of an interest in the event among a qualified audience.

A good way to frame promotional messaging – whether you’re creating a blog post or doing a press release about the event – is to focus on the who, what, where, when, why and how of the event.   Answering the following questions within your messaging will help you attract the right audience, and inspire them to action.

  • Who: Who is the target audience?  Relevance matters in today’s environment.   Keep your target audience firmly in mind and draft your communications to appeal to them.  Trying to appeal to a very broad audience may water down your message to the point where it’s simply not interesting to anyone.
  • What: What will the audience gain by participating?  In return for their time and attention, your event needs to deliver key information to the audience. Clearly describe what the participants will get from the event.  Tactical tips?   Exclusive access to a luminary?   This is a key component of the value proposition of the event.
  • Where & When & How:  These are easy and obvious – clearly, your audience needs to know when to show up.  Eliminate any confusion by listing all time zones, so it’s easy for your audience to check availability, and include links to the registration page toward the top of your message.   Saying “yes, I’ll sign up,” should be easy as pie.
  • Why: Why should I bother taking an hour out of my busy day to listen?  As your event draws nearer, your potential audience’s days get more crowded.  Competition for their attention increases, even if they already had your event on their calendar.   Answering the “why” question will help  reinforce the decision the audience members made when they signed up for the event initially.

Are you charged with lead generation for your organization?  Do you need to up the “net new names” numbers in your dB?   We all know events are a great way to introduce your brand to new audiences, but in order to do so, word of the event has to spread far and wide, finding engaged niche groups.    Learn how to drive that essential discovery of your event messages, and how fully leverage the content your events generate, on a webinar titled “Maximizing the Impact of Webinars as a Lead Gen Channel,” Tuesday July 30,  at 1 ET/12 CT/ 11 MT/ 10 CT, with me and Readytalk’s manager of marketing communications Bo Bandy.


Originally posted on BeyondPR by Sarah Skerik on July 29, 2013.

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