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5 Tips for Compelling and Effective Online Videos

Online video offers tremendous promise for enterprise technology marketers. Video can bring your technology to life, show the authentic personality of your brand and demonstrate your organization’s expertise.

UBM TechWeb research shows that technology buyers regularly use video as part of their decision making process, and that video can drive IT adoption and sales. But decision makers also have certain expectations on what kind of information vendor videos should provide. B2B marketers need to use this evolving medium appropriately to create and deliver video content that gets results.

In this white paper Fritz Nelson shares our research and best practices on how technology vendors can create compelling video content. You don’t have to be an award-winning director or producer to create effective video, but you do have to keep your customers’ information needs front and center. Read on to learn how IT pros engage with online video, where (and where not) to use it, as well as specific tips to maximize your investment in the medium.

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About Fritz Nelson

Fritz Nelson is Vice President and Editorial Director of InformationWeek and Executive Producer of TechWeb TV, the multimedia production arm of UBM TechWeb. He is an online video pioneer and has created, produced, and packaged thousands of videos from Austria to Wales and from WNBC studios to Brazilian street corners.

With more than 25 years leading editorial brands like Network Computing and InformationWeek, and writing about everything from big iron to rocket boosters, Fritz knows how to translate complex technical information into compelling stories.

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