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6 Reasons Tech Leaders Flock To Interop ITX

As the new general manager of Interop ITX, I am excited to share what we’re planning for 2017 and hope you will join us.

The way IT is built, sold, and consumed is undergoing a fundamental shift, one that is having dramatic effects on the industry and all its stakeholders. These market changes pose challenges (& opportunity!) for legacy vendors and a fertile ground for startups with new approaches to gain market share. Most importantly, it means tech leaders and IT professionals are desperate for education to stay up-to-date on advancements required of modern IT organization.

In its 31st year, Interop ITX is the only independent conference for technology leaders. It's where attendees can find trusted education, developed by a team of objective practitioners in the core areas needed to keep current on the skills and technology required for business.

Our Conference program will educate attendees in these main areas:

  • Infrastructure: Emerging technologies in networking and IT operations while leveraging existing systems.
  • Security: The growing threat landscape and how to mitigate risk from new attack vectors and how to detect them.
  • Cloud: How to use the cloud for a technical and business advantage by learning about public, private and hybrid clouds, cloud applications, cloud cost models, migration and integration, cloud security, and managing workloads and performance.
  • Data & Analytics: How to keep up with skyrocketing data and help businesses leverage it by exploring database frameworks and integration, as well as data governance and protection.
  • DevOps: Building support systems that can capture data from disparate locations, aggregate, correlate and deliver insights in real time.

These core competencies make up our conference tracks for 2017, along with Leadership and Professional Development. These six tracks allow attendees to custom build their event experience based on what is mission-critical for their business.

How do you fit into this? Attendees are eager to meet with and hear directly from technology vendors. This is one of the top reasons they list for attending Interop ITX. We want you to share your perspective and solutions through a variety of speaking opportunities at the Conference and then meet with prospects at your booth in the Business Hall to allow them to test drive technologies directly.

We would love for you to participate as a sponsor and showcase to thousands of technology professionals how your solutions address the demands on modern IT today and in the future. To learn more about the exciting programs happening at Interop ITX please visit, And, if you have any questions or feedback about the event, I encourage you to reach out to me directly at [email protected].

Hope to see you in May!

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