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Reach Your Target Customers on the Websites They Trust

Informa Tech allows advertisers to tell their stories in a seamless, attention-grabbing way with videos, photos, animation and endless creative and content-related scenarios. Engage with our extensive audience and drive results.

Banner Ads

Build Brand Awareness, Expand Reach and Drive Action

Showcase your product or service in front of business technology buyers with run-of-site positions. With websites' responsive design, your ads will also be seen on mobile devices.

Use alone or combine with other advertising media for greatest impact.


Your Message Delivered Straight to Target Audiences

Our eNewsletters offer independent insights and advice to help today’s technology leaders navigate the fast-changing landscape and identify the best strategies and tools to drive their organization forward. Align your brand with our trusted resources and get your message in front of thousands of subscribers.

Our diverse portfolio of eNewsletters cover a variety of industries, technologies, and professions that allows you to tailor your campaign and target your message. Campaign tracking reports are also available as a part of your package to ensure your call to action is engaging our audience.

In-Article Video

High-Impact Video Embedded In Editorial Articles

Immerse your customers/prospects in a captivating visual and audio experience. Break through the noise and instantly capture the attention of your viewers in a non-intrusive manner with seamless integration within articles, delivering video ads directly to a highly targeted audience.

Engage your viewers and leave a lasting impression by leveraging the power of sight, sound, and storytelling. Stand out and effectively deliver your message to captivated users through this highly effective advertising medium.

Your video ad is placed in the middle of an editorial article – between two paragraphs and below the fold to ensure attentive viewer engagement. Video play is initiated when it’s visible on visitors’ screens, pauses when they cannot see it, and resumes when the video comes into view again. The user initiates audio.

Audience Extension

Stay In Front of Your Most Valuable Prospects With Audience-Based Targeting

Utilizing thousands of sites across the web, audience extension ensures your ads are viewed by your target audience on trusted sites wherever they may be. ONLY to those that fit your targeted profile.

No more wasting valuable marketing dollars on campaigns where prospects might not be. With audience extension, your campaign is only seen by those who fit your target criteria, are in our database, and/or frequently visit our websites.

Audience extension allows you to target Informa Tech's first-party data on social media, and video pre-roll and commercial slots through OTT/CTV, as well as display/native advertising across the wider web.