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All Analytics Celebrates Five Years as Community for Analytics Pros

A Vital Forum for Senior Enterprise Executives and Managers Who Lead Analytics and Big Data Initiatives

Data has rapidly become one of the driving forces behind business. It's estimated that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is produced each day. UBM's All Analytics (, the community for data management, business intelligence and analytics, was created to support the advancement of the analytics discipline. Today, All Analytics is celebrating its five-year anniversary.

Data has vastly evolved since the inception of All Analytics. Now, nearly every organization, including global businesses, government agencies, hospitals and universities, is using analytics resources. Innovative organizations have added a proven predictive capability to their descriptive analytics, leading-edge companies are using prescriptive analytics, and state-of-the-art companies are focusing on the contribution analytics can make with Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technologies.

Over the past five years All Analytics has become an integral forum for enterprise executives and managers who lead analytics and big data initiatives. They exchange ideas with their peers and learn from industry leaders. Now with 35,000 members, 140 bloggers and nearly 32,000 followers across its social media profiles, All Analytics has built a peer-to-peer community that offers discussions through daily blogs, A2 radio shows, message boards and polls.

As All Analytics looks to the next five years, it will continue to create interactivity and engagement for its community of analytics professionals. Organizations look to All Analytics events – radio shows, lectures and the A2 Academy series and webinars – to assist them in capitalizing on data analytics. All Analytics has presented over 125 live community-hosted events totaling more than 75 hours of archived content, and has served nearly 17,000 live-event attendees through audio programing hosted by Blog Talk Radio. All Analytics has seen a strong and consistent increase in event attendance rate year over year.

"Due to the complexity of today's business environment, analytics is a key component for business growth – from competition to productivity to innovation. Effective insights through analytics are essential for organizations to make sound business decisions," said Jim Connolly, Editor, All Analytics. "Celebrating this five-year milestone is very rewarding. Our mission remains the same, to help analytics professionals share best practices and to learn from others in a true peer-to-peer community."

Having achieved the five-year mark, the All Analytics team is hosting a special All Analytics Radio Show at 2 pm EDT on Tuesday, July 12, featuring a panel of experts and bloggers discussing the remarkable progress that analytics have brought to business and to individuals as citizens and consumers during the past five years. In Analytics: Where We've Been, Where We're Going our guest experts also will look at the challenges and opportunities that remain for analytics professionals and the organizations that they support.

All Analytics can be found at Stay connected with All Analytics on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ at All Analytics.

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