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A B2B Marketing Tip: How to Know What My Buyers Are Focused on Today

We were bantering around in a 2012 planning meeting this week, discussing the next big things. We have the advantage of publishing thousands of interviews with tech buyers and vendors, hundreds of research reports and briefs, writing lots of articles, and holding nearly 200 events and conferences – big and small.

What we're learning is that our conference sessions, classes and workshops are very good barometers and sanity checks when it comes to hot topics, issues and pain points for IT decision makers. As an independent conference provider (UBM TechWeb), these are all paid, so we are VERY motivated to make sure we hit the topics on the head. And, these topics, and sometimes speakers, are crowdsourced by the professional tech buyers who pay to attend – your customer.

 So, one idea I have been testing is to review conference agendas from the best conferences and events to see what is on the agenda and how the topics and content is being presented.  Here's an example agenda pulled from our upcoming Black Hat conference for security professionals.

As a marketer, you can use insights from event agendas to:

  • Sanity-check your messaging
  • Enrich topics for your webinars, seminars and events
  • Look for third party speakers and experts
  • Find a few prospects, especially if a session includes a panel

Small tips but one that is yielding some decent results for us and others I have shared this with.