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Begin Your AI Journey at Interop ITX

Interop ITX Special_Events-AiTheater_0If you’re the type who thinks artificial intelligence is a futuristic technology that conjures up visions of robots and supercomputers that take over the world, you can stop reading here. If, instead, you realize that AI is a technology concept that’s already being built into our enterprise platforms and has the capability to utterly transform how we work, play, and live, and you have the curiosity to see firsthand how that’s happening now, then you’ll want to be sure to make some time at Interop ITX to attend the AI Theater and Demo Showcase.

We’ve gathered together some of the most interesting people in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics to provide Interop ITX attendees with a comprehensive understanding of what AI is, what it isn’t, and how it’s already impacting the very enterprise technologies that you’re currently buying, using, and managing. You can also visit our demo kiosks to see some of these technologies in action and speak with our expert docents about how you’ll be implementing these technologies soon.

Among all of the IT concepts to hit the market in recent years, artificial intelligence is probably the most misunderstood and mischaracterized. As we’ve been saying in developing the agenda for the AI Theater, AI isn’t wizardry – it’s an enterprise essential. Nearly half of large enterprises are already experimenting with or deploying AI applications, and they’re using them to improve some everyday tasks like dynamic pricing of insurance, perfecting the retail customer experience, optimizing job costing, reducing transportation expenses, streamlining call centers, and improving public safety.

To that end, we have renowned experts like Mark Minevich, senior AI advisor for the U.S. Council of Competitiveness; Simon Chan, the brains behind the AI-enabled Salesforce Einstein platform; and Kathryn Hume, VP Sales & Marketing for Fast Forward Labs to provide attendees with straightforward, eye-opening anecdotes and research about the advance of AI technologies and concepts. We also have several of your technology peers, like Box CIO Paul Chapman and Capital One executive Zachary Hanif, in the AI Theater talking about how they’re implementing AI and machine learning concepts in their cloud, data analysis, and cyber security practices. Companies like these are making giant strides forward in competitive advantage because they are harnessing AI concepts now, not years from now.

In the Demo Showcase, we’ll be offering attendees hands-on demonstrations of existing AI-based products and explaining how your company can not only leverage these technologies but also how you can transform your IT strategy and your entire company’s workforce to prepare for these new approaches.

If you’re attending Interop ITX, be sure to make time to stop by the AI Theater and the AI Demo Showcase on May 17 and 18 to begin (or advance) your AI journey. For more information and a full list of speakers and session topics for the AI Theater, go to the AI Theater page on our website.


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