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Best Practices Series: 7 Tips For Effective Executive Events

What makes a great tech executive event?  What makes technology decision makers register for an event?  The topic?  The speakers? Your brand?  And, once you get them to an event, what are the secrets to keeping the conversation flowing, so both attendees and speakers are engaged?

In this white paper, Brian Gillooly, Editor in Chief of UBM TechWeb Events, shares his top seven tips for creating effective customer conversations at executive events.   Plenty of work goes into creating executive roundtables and events: from planning the content to inviting attendees to organizing the venue and handling logistics. All these activities are vital, but Brian believes – based on the more than 200 executive events UBM TechWeb produces each year – that successful events are built around great conversations, not just presentations.  He believes that these unscripted, real conversations foster long-lasting trust between technology buyers and vendors.

Download Now:  Executive Events: 7 Tips For Creating Effective Customer Conversations!

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About Brian Gillooly:  Brian has spent the past 22 years establishing a trusted and significant presence in the business technology community. One of the most recognized personalities in IT media, Brian has built valuable relationships with the most influential practitioners in the technology industry and counts among his closest contacts CIOs from both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. As the editor-in-chief of events for the InformationWeek Business Technology Network, Brian is responsible for developing a vision that provides both the audience and the client with clarity and insight into today’s most challenging business technology issues.

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