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Best Practices Series: The Five Secrets of Great Tech White Papers

What makes a great tech white paper?  What’s the difference between a white paper that “goes viral” and one that languishes behind a lead gen form? 

 In this white paper, Elliot Kass, UBM TechWeb’s Vice President of Content Marketing, explores the value of white papers to the tech audience, and shares his five secrets for producing great ones.

Elliot offers insider advice about how to position and convey your content credibly and objectively, as well as specific tips to make your content stand out and get noticed.

Download it today!

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About Elliot Kass, VP of Content Marketing, UBM TechWeb

Elliot Kass has been a leading force in high-tech journalism and marketing for more than twenty years. A founding editor of InformationWeek, he’s held senior marketing positions at IBM and Computer Associates.Responsible for UBM TechWeb’s client-driven content development, Elliot works with hundreds of clients across the high-tech spectrum to craft messages and deliver information for diverse audiences of technology and business professionals.

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