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Best Practices Series: Marketing To The Mobile Technology Worker

In A World That’s Constantly On The Move, It Pays To Have A Marketing Strategy That Accounts For Mobile Professionals

We now live in an “omnichannel world,” and for marketers that means that merely tracking user data across one or two channels is not enough. People have come to expect a seamless experience across all channels. Regardless of which channel your customers use to find you—desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone—it’s imperative that your tools and services are consistent across platforms.’s latest Tech Marketing Best Practices whitepaper examines some of the trends in the marketplace that can affect how you develop an effective mobile strategy, as well as tips for integrating mobile into existing marketing campaigns, including:

  • Get to know the mobile adoption and preferences of your constituents
  • Don’t rely on apps
  • Make your web site responsive

Download the whitepaper today, and start developing an effective mobile marketing strategy.

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